An Introduction to Energy Storage, Battery, Lithium Ion and Government Industry Related Services

Business Strategy:
To be successful in the government market, you need a “WIN” strategy. InteSec develops and can manage this approach. 

Business Planning:
Every business needs a plan that covers cost, benefit and methods. InteSec is a company that can provide these services - getting results within a budget. 

Financial Analysis:
InteSec has extensive government business and product experience that can provide the financial analysis required to develop a strategic financial plan for your business. 

Marketing Services:
InteSec can provide a focused and results oriented marketing strategy. Our concentration is on organization, customers, and how to put a “SUCCESS” plan in place. 

Go to Market Strategy:
InteSec takes the marketing strategy and creates a short term Go to Market sales strategy that develops into the long-term sales strategy. 

Sales Strategy:
The sales strategy is the basis of the company's long term sales, financial and organizational goals. Teaming with management, we create and implement the vision. 

Sales Process Design:
Selling a product requires a sales process that is unique for each product. These processes allow the sales people to deliver the right message to the right government customer. 

Sales Implementation:
InteSec can provide the spark to grow your government business. We can design and create the path for introduction and initial selling into focused markets using InteSec's resources in government and government service industry to kick off a new or redefined sales effort. 

People Network:
InteSec's experience in putting people together can bring new opportunities to every level of your organization. 

InteSec will help you define and structure your government organization. With an extensive background in corporate and organizational development, we can help design an organization to solve today's problems and create the basis for your future. 


Our headquarters is located at 1600 S Ocean Blvd, Pompano Beach , Florida.  Located on the eastern seaboard.


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As markets change, so must companies. InteSec can redefine your vision and create a path and strategy that will lead to new or expanded government markets, products and services. 

InteSec has designed many government strategies and implementations that have led to success. When introducing technology based security products, you need a strategy that gets you to the market quickly and effectively. InteSec can get you there.

InteSec provides unique insight into Government – InteSec can support your marketing efforts to the government. We bring a strategy that gains access to key buyers and focuses on creating sales.

We believe the most significant advantage we bring to your organization is our ability to link your ideas, product and service with a strategy and, most importantly, RESULTS!







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