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InteSec Consulting Services 

In today's Alternative Energy focus and Defense Energy storage systems, change is the only constant: new channels, competitors and business models are emerging; the balance of power is shifting toward customers; and, the pace of business is accelerating exponentially. 
Keeping up is a daunting task. An experienced ally with inside knowledge that can navigate the ocean of departments, documents and regulations would free you up to concentrate your efforts on your business. InteSec is that ally.

InteSec is a well-established, highly respected consulting firm. We can form partnerships with our clients to deliver world-class services. These services insure:

  • Creation of the right team for a program or project. 
  • Leadership to help ensure project success, 
  • Elevated performance of the entire team, 
  • Relief of client resource constraints and 
  • Anticipation and solution of project problems
  • Creative Technical Solutions


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