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Incorporated in 1986, InteSec is a fully integrated single source for experienced management services focused in the Government, DOE, Homeland Security and the Defense Industry. The company provides consulting and planning services in the area of Energy Storage & Battery Systems, Marketing and Sales Development.

InteSecís unique capabilities enable it to provide clients with focus and direction in building strategy and success in the DOE Energy Storage and Defense Energy Storage/ Battery arenas. We have completed and continue to manage marketing and sales efforts for some of the largest suppliers in the industry. We focus on a ground up approach that allows us to function equally well with companies that are in a development stage to major corporations either bringing new products to markets or re-engineering their strategy. 

InteSec believes that our comprehensive capabilities, expertise and reputation are unequaled in the Government Alternative Energy and Defense Industries. We provide a single source for strategy, marketing and selling into the government & industrial energy industry. We have a unique method of establishing beachheads in focused markets and expanding penetration of these markets within a short period of time. With an eye on expense and a focus on results, InteSec will provide a solution that will point you in the direction of success.






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